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Jeanette developed a love for hand crafted jewelry while she was still working full-time for a major telecommunications company. Her employment required many business trips, which meant she had to pack professional attire as well as casual wear for evenings outside the office. Because no outfit is complete without the proper accessories, Jeanette made sure she was stocked with her favorite pieces, and she enjoyed perusing local boutiques for more during her travels.

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pearl necklace & bangle

Fine jewelry can be expensive, so Jeanette started shopping for more costume pieces. When she looked at the price tags, however, her jaw dropped at the cost of a simple $80 necklace that was not even made of precious metal.

This is when Jeanette’s passion for hand crafted jewelry began. A trip to her local craft store got her started, and after making her first few pieces, she began to expand her collection to add semi-precious stones, agate stones and a variety of natural pearls – her favorite.

In the beginning, Jeanette sold her pieces at local markets and had her own Etsy store. Her local sales inspired her to open her own boutique, which was a dream that came true in Spring 2023 when JD Maclang opened its doors.

Here you can see Jeanette’s collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants and enhancers.

Each piece of Jeanette’s hand crafted jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Her collection truly is a work of art featuring quality pieces that are fun, classy, and affordable! She creates however she is inspired, but also makes custom pieces upon request.


Some of her favorite pieces to work with are pearls of any kind. She appreciates cultured pearls for their beauty and shine. They bring a special class all their own that Jeanette finds captivating!


Baroque pearls equal cultured pearls in beauty, but unlike cultured pearls, no two baroque pearls are exactly alike. Jeanette enjoys the challenge of working with baroque pearls. Their varying shapes, textures, colors, and sizes elevate the creative process for the designer.


Coin pearls are beautifully flat and usually round (sometimes tear-drop shaped), which make them the perfect choice for the wire-wrapped rings in Jeanette’s collection.


Then there is Larimar – the beautiful blue natural stone that comes from the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Its polished form creates a smooth, stunning look Jeanette finds fascinating!


Agate stone with its myriad of colors and shapes has the look of glass when it is polished to perfection. Jeanette enjoys creating unique pieces from this gift God gave to the Earth.

Come in and enjoy Jeanette’s special designs. No two are alike, so get your unique piece today, or let her know what you are looking for, and she’ll hand craft it for you.

Pearl Rings
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Our business hours:
Sunday: 11am - 3pm
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Contact Us

12101 Panama City Beach Pkwy,
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

(850) 775-4248


Contact Us

12101 Panama City Beach Pkwy,
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

(850) 775-4248


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